Hip-Hop,Modern Jazz,Acro Power Moves
Private Lessons and Rhythm Training

Modern,jazz,popping,locking,house,breaking mixed up and served hot with a bit of kung fu and gymnastics for spice on a rhythm platter.
Using the present moment as the inspiration,feeling, breath as the catalyst and music as the barely perceptible flow of air currents as the initiate.

Not only Gymnastics but a combination,and interplay of dance elements and acrobatics.What better way to recognize the fusion of power and agility. strength and flexibility.

Regular Classes: Conducted weekly at predesigned studios and gyms

Workshops: by request are usually longer than regular classes with focus placed on explanation and repetition.
Private Lesson: by request basic intermediate,advance,rhythm training,strength,flexibility,base on one on one or group.

Please contact office for all inquiries regarding times,place and prices.