If I took a moment to briefly explain what HAND STAND is I would describe
it as a full body exercise program using only ones body weight. I have been
doing this exercise program everyday for years as it allows me to continue
high-level movement and performance as a professional dancer.
HAND STAND was created by taking various elements from Ballet and
Karate(which I began as a child), and from yet other types of dance
(Hip hop, House, Latin etcE, Chinese boxing, and Gymnastics(which I began
in my teens). HAND STAND, however, is more than an exercise regimen
incorporating elements of dance, martial arts and gymnastics.
It is a full body conditioning program which has been found to improve
concentration through motion, breathing, balance, flexibility and a hard to
define element of mental / spiritual focus.

The ultimate goal of this approach to personal training is to bring out the very best in each participant. Following a session of HAND STAND the body feels remarkably refreshed and at ease, a by-product not easily or often accomplished through the use of typical training apparatus. This may be due in part to
the fact that HANDSTAND is a combined physical and mental exercise program, equally capable of
stimulating the mind as well as the body.
Without being melodramatic, the best part about HANDSTAND is that it is also a means to sculpt the
body. In all actuality, the greatest benefits manifest from the inside out. I've come to understand that
this training helps tap into the latent, often unused energies we all possess. I'm a firm believer that
along with overcoming perceived limits, through practicing HANDSTAND one's inherent healing powers
also become more easily accessible. Currently, there are a growing number of athletes, instructors,
actors, beauty advisors, dancers etcE who believe in the effectiveness of HANDSTAND and who train
accordingly. It is tremendously satisfying to see the positive changes in those who use this exercise
program for their personal overall improvement.